Saturday, June 30, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake in Town!!

Georgetown Cupcake recently opened up in the area, less than two weeks ago. For a while, I had no idea what it was.. I didn't find out it was a bakery until today -__- What I mean is, I thought it was a food truck that sold cupcakes :x
They currently have five different locations in: DC, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, & California. They offer "everyday" flavors as well as different special flavors depending on the day of the week. They are $2.75 each, $15 for 6, and $29 for 12.
The bakery itself was pretty small, but very clean looking. It was packed with people, but the wait wasn't that long, maybe 5 minutes? It gives me time to look at the different flavors on display and the menu. I ordered a red velvet because I heard that that's what they're sorta known for and a white chocolate raspberry. They have order numbers on the receipt that they call and then you go to pick up your box of cupcakes. When they called mine, they told me that they ran out of white chocolate raspberry, so I ended up getting chocolate³. 
They came in a pretty pink box!
Yes, I took this napkin just for the logo. -loser-
Red Velvet & Chocolate³

Chocolate-It wasn't overwhelmed with chocolate taste. At first I thought it was rather bland, but still, I think it has a very nice fluffy texture.
Red Velvet-It was pretty good. I actually left it out overnight before eating it because I didn't have the appetite to eat it. I don't know if it sorta goes bad or not.. anyways. I've only tasted red velvet once or twice before, so I'm not really a good judge of it, but it didn't have that taste that I think red velvet should have.. if that makes sense. The cupcake was enjoyable, but I don't really know how to describe the taste. Maybe it would've tasted better or differently if I had eaten it yesterday.

I'll definitely come back to try other flavors.. but not too often. I still think cupcakes are sorta too expensive to buy from bakeries. Even though "homemade" ones aren't necessarily as good, the price of a dozen or more that comes from those box mixes is the same as the price for one cupcake. :\ 

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