Friday, June 29, 2012

School Orientation

Random, but just after opening the Neutrogena sample, I realized that I actually grabbed all of them LOL. It was a sample pack wrapped in plastic and I thought it was one..since it was wrapped it.. but turns out it was meant for the entire display..whoops.

Anyways, onto the main reason for this post. Two weeks ago on Thursday and Friday (6/14-6/15), I had my school orientation. I made myself a few dumplings to start off the day :)

It starts at 8:00AM and I got there just in time, but a bit too late for check in, so I didn't get my room assignment until later into the afternoon.

We were all assigned groups, mine had like around 8-9 people and there was a student adviser who lead us to different places and such. I only had an hour of sleep the night before so midway into the day I dozed off ):
Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, chips, & water

Later on, they had a "barbecue" for dinner. They offered burgers, chips, lemonade/water, hotdogs, and cookies. It was quite filling though. And after that we had some free time. I ended up going to checking in since I didn't get the chance to in the morning. I ended up in the dorm where most people weren't staying.. and coincidentally, my friend also got the same room! They were assigned randomly, because the person just hands us a key, so it wasn't pre-assigned or anything! We ended up just napping for an hour or so before we had to attend something else.

They did more talking and at the end, they offered a few activities: karaoke, inflatable plaything, dance party,  trivia, and some other thing. We also got free t-shirts! :D
Inflatable plaything.
You just go inside and race again another person. It was pretty fun, but only lasts like 15 seconds lol.

We all ended up getting back to our rooms around 12:30AM. We all showered and got ready for bed. I went to sleep around 3:00AM or so because a few of us just ended up talking and on the phone with another friend.

The next morning.. we had to get up for breakfast at 8:00AM.
Pancake, bacon, eggs, sausage & orange juice.
I loveee eggs when they're scrambled like that!! I don't know how to make it like that myself though ):

Lastly, there was a closing ceremony and we all left by around 12:30PM. I grabbed some balloons on my way out and they're still full of helium up until like 2-3 days ago! Probably because it's been hot, so it sorta expanded, but hey, they're still touching my ceiling to this day!

Anyways, that's all the story I have for now! I'm all registered for classes and stuff, I just have to apply for work study. My schedule is so filled up :\ I see people posting theirs' with like 2-3 hours a day, where mine isn't much better than high school because it goes from morning til afternoon.

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