Friday, June 29, 2012

tokidoki: SANDy, Latte, & Donutella nail swatches

Hi! Long time no update. I haven't really had much to write about lately. I have some things I wanted to, but I haven't had the motivation to take pictures to go with them. So I thought I'd do a quick swatch entry.

I went to Sephora the other day and browsed through the tokidoki products. I actually never knew they had a small line of nail polish. They were all very pretty and I have a few that especially caught my eyes.  I just did a quick swatch to see what it looks like. There's no base color, each is only one coat, and no top coat. I know they're not a thorough swatch, but I just wanted an idea of what they'd look like on the nails.
SANDy is a glitter polish. It has pink and gold micro glitters along with gold and teal string glitters.
Next is Latte and Donutella. Latte has blue micro glitters with purple and gold string glitters. Donutella has red micro glitters with purple-magenta and white string glitters.

They were all easy to apply and the glitter is quite dense, but you'd need a base coat to make it look complete or 2-3 coats if worn alone.

Conclusion? I didn't buy any of them. Even though it looks as it does in the bottle, it just wasn't as appealing on the nail. It might have to do with the lack of a base color, so I wouldn't rule it out immediately if I were you. Sephora currently sells them for $6 each, which is pretty reasonable for nail polish, but not cheap enough for me to buy just because. I'd reconsider SANDy though, I think that one would be the easiest to work with.


  1. I never seen the tokidoki polishes in stores. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

    1. They're probably a new addition. The oldest review I see on the sight is from early May, so.. it probably just came out not too long ago. But I think Sephora is getting rid of tokidoki stuff, so stock up now!!