Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Pt. 1 // My First Suit

This year I went to the outlets to shop for Black Friday. I went last year as well..and waiting in traffic was terrible because I had to use the bathroom :x This year wasn't really as bad. We started heading there around 10:30PM or so and arrived at 12:30AM, not too long after stores began opening.

I was mainly hoping to find something from Theory and when I got there..looking at the price tags made me lose hope lol. There's no way I can afford to pay $400 a piece, but as I ventured towards the back, I found more affordable options. 
 Max C

I know the photos make them look sloppy, and I wish I could model them, but I don't have any good lighting at home.. nor am I good with taking full body shots. Hopefully in the (near) future I'll be able to do a more thorough post on it.

I almost bought the set in navy, even though I wanted black, but they didn't have my size. I was hesitant to ask if there were more in the back, because generally stores always say what's out is everything they have. But I did anyways and they didn't have it.. but when she was talking to her co-worker about it, she mentioned that they had Nichelle in the back, not Gabe B. Nichelle was the one I wanted, but I guess I accidentally pulled out Gabe B. when I showed her which black one I wanted.

They only had size 00 and size 2 left. I went with the size 2 because the 00 was a tad too tight.. the size 2 looks fine, I think, but I hope there's no little details that I couldn't catch. It was either getting my size, but in navy or size up with the color I want and I chose the latter. Everything is final sale, so I can't change my mind afterwards :\

I actually regret not trying Gabe B. But they didn't have my size anyways, so I guess that doesn't matter, but it seems to be the more popular choice of Theory. I was also hesitant to buy the pants too, since it would just add more $$$ but I decided to do it anyways since it'll be harder to find a matching pair later on. It's way too long for me as it is, so I had to find a place to tailor it :(

But now that I have everything.. I should be all set for at least the next four years lol. I don't really expect to wear it for much aside for class, which requires us to dress up business formal, and maybe interviews by the time I'm a senior. I still need heels though, actually. 

Well that's all for now :x I didn't get a chance to edit the other photos yet and I don't have Photoshop in the laptop I'm using right now at school.

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