Monday, November 5, 2012

Butter London: All Hail the Queen (Matte)

Last time I used All Hail the Queen, I never got to take pictures, so this time I made sure to do it. 
All Hail the Queen (3 coats) + Matte Finish Top Coat 

The matte top coat dried fairly quickly and it was dry before I knew it! No smudging. It kinda killed the holo effect of the polish though so that it looked like fine white shimmers. 

Here are photos of All hail the Queen before mattifying it :D Excuse the messy edges.. I tend to apply my polish everywhere :X I debated whether or not to post them because of the mess, but it's so pretty, so I didn't want to keep it to myself :P
I'll definitely repost when I have a cleaner shot of it next time I use this polish!

Anyways, I finished watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender over the weekend and began episode one of The Legend of Korra xD My stomach has been feeling a lot better, but I just have to watch what I eat so I don't upset it. This was such an awful 3-4 days of pain and suffering, but at least now I can eat properly. 


  1. Hi! I don't colour my hair at all, so it was probably be being in the sun and the lighting there making my hair look lighter than it is when I'm taking photos and videos in the house.

    Also, that is a wonderful nail polish colour.

  2. Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I love this polish so much it's so pretty! This has been on my must-get list for a while. Maybe I will put it on my Christmas list... poor boyfriend, my list keeps growing but his is still empty!

    It is a shame the matte topcoat killed the holo effect.. but it's still a nice colour!

    1. Haha yes you should get it! It's a bit pricey, but at least it's not too expensive compared to more higher ended polishes. Luckily it's not limited edition, so even if you don't get it for Christmas it'll still be around ;)

      I feel like matte topcoats kind of kills all polishes lol. I'm more of a fan of a glossy finish, but I wanted to switch things up a bit this time.

  3. Jessica, you have such long and pretty nails! i'm jealous xD The color looks great on your nails too! so festive and appropriate for the upcoming holidays