Sunday, November 11, 2012

Converted to iOS!

I've been using my Motorola Atrix for a bit over a year and a half and finally need a change and due for an upgrade as well. Here's the surprise that I've been wanting to show you guys ;)
Accessories: headset, adapter, usb cord

For the past few years I've been complaining about wanting an iPhone but never got one -__- I like how there's so many nice cases for iPhones, but there's never any for my phone since it's not even that widely used. I ordered it on October 22 and received it November 6, but I didn't actually get the phone until Friday since I didn't have it shipped to my school due to complications.

I personally prefer the look of the iPhone 4/4S more, mostly the back where it's all white. I don't like the back of the iPhone 5. But I'm vain, so I want the latest technology. 

I like how my Android was more customizable, but at the same time I can do the same with my iPhone if I figure out how to jailbreak it and mess with all the themes and whatnot. But knowing me, I probably won't. I prefer the camera of my iPhone since the one on my Atrix SUCKED. 

I don't think I have a strong preference between Android and iOS, I might actually prefer the Android platform (by a tiny bit), but the flexibility of the cases for the iPhone triumphs. :)

So far the only regret I have about the iPhone 5 is the new charger; I'm going to have to carry it around everywhere since it's very unlikely right now for people to have it around. Most phones, Androids and not, are micro-USB compatible and other iPhones use the other charger..and not that many have the new iPhone yet, so they won't have the new charger handy. :\ 

I can't wait until my screen protector comes.. it's been 3 weeks!! I still have the plastic it came with on and it's like coming off -__- But I don't want it to get scratched so I don't have any other choice. I can't hear people on the other line properly because the plastic covers the hearing speaker thing lmao.

Anyways, that's all for now. Until next time!!


  1. you wackkkk girl xD
    im getting the samsung galaxy 3 soon! woottt andriods better >:D

    1. LOL finally you're getting a new phone. Haven't yours been like falling apart for the past two years xD

  2. YOOOUUUUU LUUUCKY!! XD I had my hands on the iPhone5 white a couple of days ago and I admit I sort of fell in love with it. It's just so slick and it looks AMAZING. I am not a huge Apple fan or anything but the white iPhone5 is just so pretty! I own a white iPhone4 and I wish I had the newest iPhone haha. I didn't think I'd like the back of the iPhone5, but after looking at it IRL it looks quite good.

    1. I admit the iPhone 5 looks more slick and sleek, but the iPhone 4/4s just looks so much cleaner haha. I guess it doesn't matter that much anyways since I'll have a cover on anyways haha.

  3. Hi! i just wanted to let you know i nominated you for the Leibster blog award! :) check out my blog post to see how the leibster award thing works haha :) Have a good day!

  4. the iPhone 5 looks really pretty, too bad i like the specs of Samsung Galaxy S3 more, hehe. they're both amazing though, i'm just leaning more on S3 :) i love your blog by the way! xo