Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Snowfall of the Fall!

Yesterday, it snowed for the first time this season :)! It snowed a lot actually.. not a lot where it's like a snowstorm, but a decent amount where it covered the ground. It's been so cold lately..yesterday was in the 30s! But weirdly in few days (next week) it's getting back up to 60s..

I also have a couple of good news!

First, I found the SD slot on my laptop! It was actually hidden UNDER my laptop, so you can't really even see it if you're just looking at the sides of it. No more hassle to upload photos now :x

Second, I got a very exciting package that I'm looking forward to showing you guys and receiving myself. I had it shipped to the boyfriend, so I don't have it either.. ahhh the suspense!

And then not so good news...

My laptop is falling apart more.. :( When I called in to ask them if I can have it shipped in to get repairs they gave me the authorization number and everything through e-mail. But when I was reading the e-mail the other week it said that having damage on the case (what I have) would void my warranty all together, so I wasn't sure if I should send it in or not...

But I've been reading successful stories of those who got their laptops repaired, so I'm crossing my fingers and (hopefully) sending in my laptop this week! I'm debating whether or not to wipe my data though since it's such a hassle to get everything back on and it's more like a physical issue so they shouldn't have to need to get on my laptop. Mehhh...

I've also been lacking so much sleep. I've been getting like 2-3 hour sleeps every night with 1-2 hour naps on some days :\ I dunno why. I just never feel tired when it's nighttime but so exhausted during the day.


  1. The snow came up to like my ankles ;o But now it's all melted and it's supposed to be in the 60's the weekend lul.
    Get some sleep.

    1. :o It was probably only like an inch or two at most here. I try to nap but never really tired at night :\ and always have work to do

  2. So pretty!!! It snowed for less than a min here in Toronto ~

    1. I guess it's better than nothing xD And at least it wasn't heavy snow because I hate it when the ground is wet and nasty.