Thursday, November 1, 2012

Math Midterm #2

I had another math midterm today, and I'm pretty sure I did well on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I actually ended up getting some problems wrong due to carelessness like the quiz, so I'm trying my best not to mess up everything else. Each quiz is worth 3% of my final grade, that's why even though it doesn't sound like much it's really easy to mess up and have them add up. 

Anyways, for the past two days I think I have the stomach flu or something :\ But hopefully it's getting better now even though it's still here now. Yesterday, I was just feeling so lethargic and just felt sorta out of it. I didn't really have much of an appetite either and I didn't really want to eat in case the food made my stomach feel worse. 

I still have a paper to write tonight and I'm done with classes now so hopefully I get it done soon instead of pushing it off until late at night. I have a fifteen page research paper due at the end of this month and I'm dread starting it.

Anyways, until next time! :)


  1. Good luck! :) School is always stressful :(

    1. Thanks! Yeah, school didn't come with the stress of grades.

  2. So many quizzes >___< and also papers to write?! Sounds tough!
    Also: be careful so you don't get sick :-) can't stress that enough ^-^