Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Ulta Experience // OPI Skyfall Minis

I've only looked around Ulta once earlier this year, but I finally bought something from them last night. I went to get some polishes from OPI's Skyfall collection and was deciding between Live and Let Die and The World is Not Enough. But in the end I found a mini set that contained both plus GoldenEye, which was the one that I mainly wanted too. Kinda wish I had gotten the full sized bottles since I dunno if the mini sizes will even last, but I didn't want to spend so much.

GoldenEye | The Spy Who Loved Me | The World is Not Enough | Live and Let Die
Close up :o

My first impression (and it still is) of Ulta is that it's like half drugstore, half Sephora. I dunno why it's so popular when you can just go to like a drugstore for some of the stuff.. or Sephora, but I guess Sephora isn't always convenient either. Plus some of the things are sorta overpriced like the nail polish :o I find that some of the stuff marked down on clearance costs just as much (or more) as getting it from like a drugstore or something. Like how Orly nail polish were like $8 marked down. And China Glaze was like $6..

But I'm sure I'll probably go back if I ever have my eyes on OPI polishes :o For some reason, I just don't trust getting them from salons yet :X and I'm not sure which salons near me have like the latest collections.

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  1. They really look like the full-sized versions in your picture! Hope to see them on you :)