Thursday, January 12, 2012

School and Passport Rants

Sighh I have a lot to rant about, so they're all relatively long reads.

So yesterday around 1:15PM another fire broke out during school. I found out yesterday as well that the trash barrels were SET on fire by someone each time, so never mind about the heater melting it. Someone was arrested later in the afternoon, so that'll probably be the end of it. It was kind of funny how around noon today, everyone was saying how they were prepared to go outside with their jackets and umbrellas because the fires have been happening around the same time xD And I feel bad for the person who got in caught (assuming it really is him) because he pretty much just ruined his future, but who knows...maybe he'll be let off with less severe punishments because he's a juvenile. 

After school I tried getting my economics grade changed because I believe my teacher recorded the wrong grades for me. For a test where I scored 100, he wrote down a 82. And for a test I retook, he wouldn't even  put it into his grade book because he's so lazy or something -__- He messed up my first term grade as well where he recorded down grades lower than what I get, and I bothered him every other day about it, but he never got to it -.- And this time I've been pestering him about my grade everyday because today was the last day to make changes, but he tells me he'll go double check my grade and factor in my retake, BUT HE NEVER DID -__- And after I insisted about a grade change, he just took that 82 and averaged it with an average of two of my test scores and gave me a 75 running average when it should be at least somewhere in the high 80s or 90s, so in the end I get a final average of 89, but it should be like 90+ :\ It's fine if I did recall my grade incorrectly and it was the 82 (but I saw it for myself and he himself told me it was a 100 like two months ago when he graded it), but he wouldn't even check it and add in the right grades, which is what annoys me the most. I'm considering taking this issue to my counselor just to have them force him to make the changes or something, but it seems kind of too late because today was the deadline for changes and my final grade that gets sent to my schools will probably remain the same, but there's still a chance that it'll get bumped up half a letter grade if I can get a 93 average this term, which I should have because of my test scores, which he wouldn't factor in -.-

Today, I tried going to apply for my passport and I swear either the lady doesn't know what she's saying or the site needs to update the info, or at least all their workers have to be informed of the same thing. I went to the passport agency and not a post office because I'm applying for the first time, and my boyfriend has tried applying at a post office before, but was sent to the place I went to because it was his first time back then. But the lady tells me that I can go to the post office, so there must be some communication issues with the workers who deals with passport stuff. Then she tells me I need a parent or like their signature if they're not with me...but I start to say how the form says DO NOT SIGN UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. But she keeps telling me "who does it say is supposed to sign it?" like wtf lady, I know it wants my parent to sign it, but they're obviously not supposed to unless we're in front of the people, so what are you trying to tell me?! And I asked her what if my parents can't make it with me, and she tells me I would have to get a notary. At the points, it feels like she has something against people who don't come with parents lol.... but there's like no forms online and the only one is for minors under 16 -__- When I told her the whole thing about the minor thing, she starts telling me about like the prices and stuff wtf. 

Well as for less I learned how to play bananagrams :D It's actually really fun haha

White I was eating my ice cream earlier, I noticed this white bump on my upper lip T__T I have no idea what it is, but it just appeared from the time I ate these noodles and ice cream, which was like a 5 minute time frame ):


  1. wow such much going on! I can see why you're stressed. hope everything works out soon and that you'll get a chance to relax this weekend! :)

  2. Wow so much issues LOL fyl boo D;
    Wtf is bannaanananangrams LOL? wordwithfriendsok..