Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail Polish & Under Armour Mini Haul

I got my passport in the mail today YAY! It was really, really quick. Probably because it's not really the time when people travel (now vs. beginning of summer). It says that it'll take 4-6 weeks, and 2-3 weeks if I expedite it for an extra $60, but I just chose the former and was willing to just reschedule what I my travel plans if it didn't come on time, but lo and behold it only took 1 week! I applied last Saturday and got it this Monday :)

I found out from Nouveau Cheap that a bunch of Milani products are 75% off, so I went to pick up nail polish. 
Retail: $4.99 on sale for $1.25!
Red to Tango 24 || Good Morning Sunshine 29 || Gold Lamé 103 || Breezy 19
The Good Morning Sunshine and Gold Lamé are very similar in person, except one is a slightly lighter shade.. I was trying to decide between the two, and leaned towards Good Morning Sunshine, but for only about a buck, I reasoned that it's nice to have a darker shade available ;)
As for Breezy, I originally wanted to order it during the Black Friday(?) sale, where Milani had 50% off everything and it looked like such a beautiful shade of blue when I Google imaged it..but I held back and ordered a few other shades instead. But look! Now I can get it for even less!

Anyways, I ordered a few things wallet T__T Under Armour is so expensive!
UA Charged Cotton® Storm Fleece Full Zip Hoody (Black) Retail: $69.99 on sale for $51.99
I had to order this one online because I couldn't find my size in stores. I got one for my bf for Christmas and was supposed to get a matching one for myself, but they never had it in stock, so I waited until now to order online. 
It's water resistant and a lot warmer than normal hoodies.
UA Rage Small Duffel (Graphite/Desire) Retail: $29.99
I've wanted a duffel bag for a while now, not for athletic purposes, but just for traveling because it's much simpler than a suitcase or something bigger for just a few nights or a week away from home. It's big enough for me because I put toiletries in the side and fold some clothes inside and I'm set! No need to stuff a gazillion pairs of shoes in there.
UA Snowmageddon Snow Pants (Black) Retail: $149.99
The above two were the only things I intended to buy, but saw a section for snow gear. The snowboarding pants that I have are only a shell layer, so it's very thin (thinner than a normal tee!) and I always have to layer it up, but decided to invest in some snowboarding pants, so hopefully these will be a lot warmer! In the end I'll probably layer it up with leggings anyways just to have an inside layer.

To end the post, here's some food like always :)
Cheesecake bites from Target! There were bigger ones, but I wanted to try it before spending money on something I might not even like. They're yummy! There's New York, Raspberry, and some other one.. 
McDonald's came out with these popcorn chicken called Chicken McBites and I wanted to give it a try. They come in three sizes, I got the smallest one and the packaging was so cute because it was tiny (in a good way)! If you like the breading of popcorn chicken, then this is a good snack. There's not so much chicken, but usually popcorn chicken doesn't anyways.



  1. I dont know where to find Milani products lol...
    Ew didnt know you wore like Under Armour xD

    1. Whoops forgot to mention I found them at CVS.
      They're much first UA stuff so I normally don't wear them but I wanted that bag and needed pants and their stuff is kinda better quality. And the hoody is supposed to be siper warm even though it's light :)