Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adopted Six More PINK Dogs!!

As usual, I'm sooo tired right now. I stayed up until 5:30AM last night and only had a little more than an hour of sleep. School went by quickly. I had a math test that I didn't study for and I used my free period to catch up on some sleep, but nonetheless I think I did well somehow. I did some cramming during an assembly with a friend where she pretty much showwed me her notes in silence because we couldn't talk LOL. I have work until 9PM, so I can't wait til I can go to bed.

Today, these striped Victoria's Secret PINK dogs came out :D I haven't been collecting them from the very beginning, but I have everything (except one.....) from the last two years :D I actually bought a bookshelf from IKEA a few months ago not for books, but to display my dogs instead...
My boyfriend went to get them for me while I was at work yayyy!!
Yesterday on Monday, this is what I saw when I woke up :(
I went to Ikea just to try to food there haha. I've been told that the food is good there, but I think it's okay. I ordered side dishes and a chocolate cake.
Side of Mac and Cheese & Fries
I wasn't a fan of the mac & cheese because it just didn't have the cheese melty the way I like it. Instead the cheese tasted kind of powdery and it was chunky
However, the fries were very crispy, which is how I like my fries.
Chocolate cake!! It was very good and it was what I've been craving for, contrary to the dry texture from the cake in my previous post.
My boyfriend ordered Swedish meatballs and chicken noodle soup. He's been raving about how good the meatballs are, but I think they're okay. Not really my favorite. The soup smelled really delicious :)
Bought a bar of chocolate for home. Only 99 cents!

Well until next time :)


  1. I cant believe you waste money on them dogs LOL.
    I don't see the point boo <3
    I never been to Ikea~

    1. It's like how you spend money on make up or something. I spend mine on dogs LOL.
      Ohh see if there's one nearby. It's pretty much like a home furniture store.