Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yummm Chocolate!

I went to the bank yesterday to get my online banking unblocked because the person on the phone told me to go to a branch and finally got everything fixed. That lady probably thought I was dumb cuz I was blocking everything LOL I blocked my debit card, online banking, and telephone was blocked too LOOL. I dunno how the last one happened but it just did :\ Downside of all that is I waited two hours before I got everything resolved...and it only took me like 5 minutes, so most of the time was waiting :\ 
I also went to Bank of America to exchange some bills for crisper ones (I like saving crisp bills) and I swear the lady gave me nastier and soggier ones LOL. >:(

Afterwards I went to the post office to apply for my passport yay! Hopefully I'll get it in time to go to Canada next month :D I didn't expedite it because I didn't want to spend $60 for that.. but without that it'll take 4-6 weeks, so hopefully it all goes well.

Then spent the next hour or so playing pool. Some people are just so rude :\ I was walking back after throwing something away and another girl gets up to throw away her trash but she walked into me and her plate like gets onto the sleeve of my jacket and like salt got all over it (good thing there wasn't like actual food on it I hope). At first I was midway saying sorry just out of reflex, but when I saw her, she just looked at me with no intention of even apologizing and her friend who was still sitting was just staring at me -__- I just brushed the salt off and walked away though because I was on my way to the restroom :\ But I wish I had say something because she got A LOT of salt on her and it was her fault too. I hope the salt I brushed off while I was still standing by her was brushed onto her -__-

 Later on I went to this chocolate restaurant. They have a few "normal" dishes, but most of the things were like chocolate related. When I first walked in the door, there was a huge waft of chocolate already! Prepare for a large photo spam :)

Went to the "chocolate shop" in the restaurant while my bf and I waited for our time because we were a bit early for our reservation. 
This HUGE bar of chocolate is $250! I wonder who actually buys it....
 The baby stuff in the left back corner is so cute looking!
The imprints on these chocolates are soo cool. But they're like a quarter size and already $1.50 each :\
Napkins LOL It's the face of the owner xP
"Do it Yourself Hot Chocolate" in white chocolate :) It's like a candle under the milk thing on the right and you just dump in the chocolate yourself!
"Eighties Milkshake" At that time I only had a straw so I was wondering how to eat the ice cream LOL It's kinda watery though. I like my milkshake a bit thick.
"Waffle fries" They're nice and crispy. Yummm! They have chocolate and chili powder sprinkled on them, but the taste isn't noticeable. The sauce is mustard I think...? I didn't like it :x
"Melting Heart Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake" I was craving for chocolate cake, but I wasn't a big fan of this. It was super pretty though! The cake has melted chocolate on the inside, but the cake itself was a bit dry and I was craving for something creamier like a cheesecake kind of texture. On the left is a shot of chocolate LOL It was so cute!
Took me like 5 minutes to realize the metal container in the back had more chocolate in it. At first thought it was like powdered chocolate, but melted chocolate came pouring out so I just drowned the cake in it LOL
 S'mores Sundae
Overall, I wouldn't really go to this restaurant again. The service is very good and the food looks amazing, but in my opinion the food is very ordinary and definitely NOT worth the price. 
To end the day... :) Some of the petals came off because the wind blew it off LOL

That's all for today :D 


  1. The printed chocolate looks delicious and at the same time I wouldn't want to eat it because it looks cute!

    1. I guess that's what makes them appealing! But I'd feel so guilty over the price if I eat a lot of them haha

  2. LOL at the story at the bank. You so silly xD
    Forget about that stupid girl who ran into you, not worth it boo <3
    I never been to a chocolate place like that. Your right though seems pretty ordinary and expensive for no reason. I can make that shit at home LOL ghetto style.
    You and bf go out a lot :3

    1. I guess it's only worth it because everything's so cute haha. But yeahh might as well just make it at home...
      We only go out on weekends mostly because we can stay out. The rest of the week we both have work so yeahh :\

  3. OMG those are look so tasty..delicious! they make me feel hungry,haha :D

    have a nice day,dear..

  4. wahh Max Brenner! I really want to try there. but maybe not if it's so overpriced :(
    everything looks delicious though! :)

    1. Ooo you actually recognize it! Especially since there's only like 4 chains in the US. You should definitely try it at least once, but imo it's not really worth it because it is overpriced