Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abercrombie & Born Pretty Haul

I got my Abercrombie and Born Pretty order two days ago. I love receiving packages :)

Anyways I ordered the jacket in two different colors because I couldn't decide between them. I also sized up with the grey in case the navy one didn't fit, so I was going to choose the one with a better fit... but turns out I like the navy one better except the armpit area is kind of tight when I raise my arms. Sooo I can't decide which one to keep! I can't exchange either because it's probably out of stock in stores :(
They grey is just so dull :\ I'll probably stick with navy.
Another downside to the jacket is the fur.. it's like the texture of a carpet, not those soft ones.

For Born Pretty, I ordered nail tips, a stamper, a plate, and rhinestones. I haven't tried out any of them yet except I started playing with the tips :) I still need to buy the glue for it though.
This is my first plate and I can't wait to get more! They're inexpensive, but the money adds up when I order a lot, that's why I only ordered one :(

I hope everyone else is having a good week..I'm exhausted but at least today's my day off from work :)

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