Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

...Or if you're Vietnamese then Happy Asian New Year :P
I had this urge to paint my nails again because it's been a while since I've removed the last ones. I didn't really want to do them because for some reason my nails get kinda bad after painting them a couple of times :\
On my index and middle finger you can kinda see how it splits and breaks at the edges...I dunno how to prevent that :\

But anyways... originally I wanted something darker to match the winter season, but since it was New Year, I wanted something red as well so I googled for designs and found this:
This design is done by Linz Lacquer, and [here]'s her original post.

As for me, I originally did it exactly the same (minus the heart), and my friend was saying too bad I didn't have gold because she wanted me to do something with a gold glitter, but I had a normal gold polish, so I decided to make my dots gold instead! I actually already did my left hand with white dots, so I had to dot over that so that I didn't have to remove everything.
Sinful Colors Gogo Girl 852
Revlon Metallic Gold Coin 925
The top picture is more true to color, but took another picture without flash to show the dots better :)

Well, until next time, bye!


  1. Your nails look bad after painting them because the nail bed can't breathe you should paint them less often or at least paint a clear coat first before you put on a darker color to protect the nail.

    1. Yeah I know it looks bad lol. But yes I do use a base coat every time I paint my nails.