Saturday, January 14, 2012

Online Haul

Last night I stayed up til 6AM working on this paper for my English class >< So I was just falling asleep throughout the day D: But now I have the weekend to relax because Monday is a day off for MLK Day.

I did some serious damage on my wallet yesterday :( Last night I was looking on AE's site and bought a couple of sweaters because they were super cheap, under $10 :)
I bought it in red, dark grey, and a striped bright blue. I'll probably pick one and return the other two because I'm not a fan of keeping more than one of the same shirt even if they are different colors.
I saw these on sale as well :O I've been wanting to get suede boots, but I never seem to find ones that look nice (even though most of them look the same LOL) or they usually don't fit, so hopefully it goes well with this pair :)

I saw an email from A&F about up to 75% off outerwear. It was funny how a few days ago there was one about up to 60%, followed by a 30% off the next day and the next day this one. It's like..too bad for people who ordered the first day :(
This one caught my eye the most >< It wasn't that cheap, but the price was still reasonable. I really like the buttons and just the overall look of it, dunno how to explain it D: But bought this in navy and grey, both in different sizes, so I'll just pick the one that fits the best. I was hoping to find it cheaper in stores, but things are so hard to find in person and it might be out of stock online, so I just went ahead and ordered it.

I thought this was cute >< I'm a sucker for clothes with frills like this and hopefully it'll look nice with a cardigan or something.

I'll probably post about them when I receive the items. My AE order already shipped :D

And to end things! I had hotpot last night with the bf after getting off work.. I was starving!
To start things off I ordered a mango shake. It wasn't that good though because all I could taste was a slight hint of mango and it just didn't taste that flavorful. Btw Banny I took this picture just for you :)

We had a pork and spicy Mongolian soup base. Ordered some beef and like seafoods. Yummm. I dunno afterwards I still felt the same as when I walked in LOL I was getting full but kept like I could keep eating a lot.

Well until next time, cya! 


  1. Damn I never order anything from those sites because it's just too expensive and not my style I guess. Lol i figured you would only keep one of the shirts, you did that before lmao.
    I do like that little tank top though, but would be cuter in the summer xD
    Haha mango shakeeee. It actually sounds good, but sucks it was not that great. Figures xD
    Take me to that restaurant when I visit you!!!

    1. I usually wait til it's on sale before I get anything there because its just not worth the full price.
      Mango shakes from other places are really yummyy I want one now

    2. Oh lol idk i don't ever like anything in there. Always the same stuff you know?
      I want one too!