Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunny Nails's 1st Giveaway

Congrats, Bunny Nails for reaching 60+ followers!! But even as I type this, it just keeps growing and there's 273+ followers now!

She is doing a giveaway to 13 lucky winners with the following prizes:
1x XL nail stamp plates A, B, C & D (same as magnonails)
1x QA series nail stamp set of 19 plates (QA 1- QA 19)
1x A series nail stamp set of 20 plates (A 01- A 20)
2x 7 QA nail stamp plates 1, 2, 3 , 4, 12, 14 & 17 (Cartoon characters)
2x 6 QA nail stamp plates + 2 A series stamp plates (random selection)
6x 1 Kleancolor nail polish in Chunky Holo Black + 6 nail art sticker sheets

More details on her giveaway [here] :D
Disclaimer: Image is taken from Bunny's blog

Well I'm at work right now so I'll keep you guys updated after I get home :)

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