Friday, January 20, 2012

AE Order Arrived :)

I overslept yesterday morning for school :/ so I got there half an hour late. I didn't really sleep that late last night but I was probably lacking sleep from the night before but wow I slept through the entire day. I have seven classes and managed to fall asleep in all seven of them. But if it makes it any better, I was only dozing off in two of them...the other five I was knocked out.

Anyways, my AE order arrived today from this previous post. The sweater looks kind of orange in the picture, but it's actually more of a red in person.
I'm debating whether to keep the boots or not. Usually I can't find anything that fits properly, but for this one it doesn't look exactly like the stock photo.
If you compared the two, the stock photo shows that it's more slouched throughout, but when I wear it, it's like the top half isn't so slouchy and it's just straight. I'll try pulling it down or something and see how it looks next time I try it on.
As for the sweaters, I had a hard time deciding, so I think I'll actually keep all three of them :x I know I usually don't keep more than one of the same clothing, but they're pretty basic tops, so I think it should be okay. Plus they weren't that expensive either :)

To end today's post, here's some food!
 There were some snacks at work today for this staff appreciation thing :) Yumm the pastries were so good!
Lastly, hotpot again for dinner :D

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  1. Yeah the boots do seem different D;
    They are still cute though, and lol im surprised your gonna keep all the shirts.
    Yummy food take me to dinner too.