Monday, January 9, 2012

Purchases + Nails

Saturday I went to an Asian supermarket to buy Prettia because my roots are growing out and it's kind of uneven on the top, so I wanted to try Prettia because it's like a foam dye, so it's supposed to make the dye even. Right now my hair looks like I have black lowlights or something because of the unevenness at the top :\
I saw My Beauty Diary on sale, so I picked up a box of that as well.
 My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot $12
Prettia Custard Brown (?) Not really sure of the color $15.99

Next door was Sally's, so I went to look at nail polish as well. Finger Paints just came out with these flakies in the Special Effects collection. Blue Year's Eve was on clearance along with a bunch of others. 
Finger Paints Twisted $5.49
China Glaze Blue Year's Eve $3.29

Twisted is my first flakie so I was excited to try it xD Orginally I had it over a darker color, but it kept smudging even after waiting a few hours -__- so I just took them off and redid them, but tried a lighter color. In the end it still messed up :\
Finger Paints Twisted on top of China Glaze Empowerment
It's a more Barbie-pink in real life, but looks like a baby pink in the pics. The flakies didn't show up so well in the pics, but then again it's still pretty subtle irl as well.

I don't know if it's all China Glaze nail polish or just this one, but it was very streaky :\ I only own this one and the one i just bought, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was really hard dealing with this nail polish.

To end the day, I went to a cafe and ordered nachos. It looked really gross at first but they weren't that bad xD It was a little pricey though, so probably won't be something I'd order again.

Well I'm super tired.. so I'll be heading off to bed now!

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  1. I heard those asian hair dyes ruin your hair really badly.
    I heard a lot of that flakey polish but never seen it...I want it too! And omg that pink nail polish...Gonna go get it tomorrow LOL <3!