Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of My First Year of College

So I survived my first year of university and I'm officially a sophomore now :D!!

Overall, I think I had a decent year. It wasn't horrible where I was miserable being there, but what could've made it better is if I had met more people/gotten closer to them. I haven't found my group of friends in college yet and have been dependent on my high school friends. I want to be able to break away from that.

For example, more people room with someone they know in their sophomore year, but I'll be doing random next year. I kind of feel ashamed when others ask who I'm rooming with because everyone else I know is rooming with their friend. 

After the first year, most people have already found their group of friends and are less likely to want to be your friend. But still, I've met a lot of great people who I really like but the level of friendship isn't quite where I'd like it to be.

Grade-wise I think I did decently, but definitely not where I want to be. My GPA did drop quite a bit second semester so that's kinda disappointing.

Anyways, it's summer now...time for my all-nighters. I wasn't able to find a job/internship for the summer so I'll be bumming around T__T

I still haven't moved out completely yet because I've been sorta busy and lazy :X I have most things home already (and I've been home) but some stuff are still at my dorm.

Anyways, until next time! I definitely have a long birthday post coming up soon :)

I forgot to mention that I managed to escape freshman 15! My weight fluctuated a lot last summer where I did put on some weight but I lost it toward the end of summer/beginning of the semester (not sure when) which is why either I lost weight or stayed the same. But compared to this time last year I'm the same :)


  1. I think getting a random roomie is the best thing. I mean, being roomies you guys probably are going to spend lots of time together and then your circle might expand. I don't have a roomie, but my friends have roomies and they are very close. Going from strangers -> good buddies ;-)

    and congrats on becoming a sophomore! (is it wrong to congratulate? :D we don't really have it here.)

    1. It's good for the first year, I would say. I didn't want to dorm with my friend for that reason ^^; I'm living in a triple next year, so if those two are friends already then it'll be a bit more difficult to intrude lol. Hahah it's not really something to congratulate, but I'll take it, thanks!