Thursday, May 9, 2013

Papaya Clothing Online Haul + AE Jeans

I placed my order on April 20 and received the package on May 3rd. I guess the theme of the order ended up being blue. 
Colorblocked turtleneck sweater $9.34
Striped shorts $10.99
AE Skinny jeans $17.99
Studded scarf $7.99
I wish the ribbon for the shorts was detachable. I didn't find out that it wasn't until I received it.
I finally found jeans that can fit me :D I've been in a need of more jeans lately and every time I order from AE lately, they don't seem to fit :( 

Diagonal striped shirt w/necklace $10.99
Colorblock oversized top $16.99
I actually meant to order the first top in pink..but I guess I accidentally picked blue -__- 
I was most excited about getting the colorblock top and was hesitant because it was somewhat pricey for a shirt, but I pulled the trigger. I think it probably was the most disappointing article of this order because it just looks awkward on me compared to the modeled photos and probably because it wasn't as expected.

This order took a toll on my already empty wallet. I don't have anything particular against the clothes, but I was a bit disappointed. Whether it's the fabric or how it looks on me. I might not have actually purchased most of these aside from the jeans if I had been able to try them on in person. But I don't hate it that much that I would bother sending it back. 

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