Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man 3

Has anyone watched Iron Man 3 yet? It came out this past Friday, and it feels like everyone already watched it ^^
I went to watch it on Sunday with a friend. I liked it overall, but the ending was a bit disappointing for two different reasons. I won't say it so I don't spoil it, but if you watched it then you probably know what I mean. 

When I came back, I realized that I misread a date for one of my finals and it's actually tomorrow instead of I'm panicking about the two finals I have for tomorrow because I haven't done any studying (and still procrastinating, typical) so wish me luck ^^;; My grades really depend on these finals because they'll determine whether I'm still qualified to be considered for the honors program that I applied for earlier this semester. (There's a GPA requirement.) 

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