Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Glitter Polishes Added to My Collection

I actually purchased these back in March, but was too lazy to finish the post, so I'll just publish what I have D: 
Revlon: Ritzy || Sally Hansen: Mermaid's Tale | Supernova
Finally after looking for a while I spotted Mermaid's Tale at CVS and they were running a promo for $5 Extrabucks with a $10 purchase, and since the polish was made up a majority of that, I picked up Supernova as well. I feel like my Jordana LA City Lights is already pretty similar to it though, but I had nothing else to get. I saw Ritzy on a display a few months back and didn't get it, but found it on sale too, so picked it up :D

Here are some close ups:
This post was intended to be a nail polish haul entry, so sorry that it's so empty T__T

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