Monday, May 6, 2013

Essie: Set in Stones & Where's My Chauffeur? Reverse Gradient

After eyeing Set in Stones for a while, I finally got it! It's basically just a silver glitter polish, so I could never justify paying so much when there's probably many dupes out there...but I've yet to find one and I always see nice manis done with it. But alas I got it :D

I don't know if there's an actual term for it (and I might even be using the wrong one) but I did a reverse gradient with Set in Stones, where I basically did the effect from the top down instead of from the tips up. I always thought it looked nice, so I wanted to give it a try too!
Set in Stones (2-3 coats) over Where My Chauffeur (3 coats) + top coat

Wish I had better quality photos! I couldn't really get it to focus properly and there was the glare too. 

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