Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Finals Down

I took my management and accounting final today. Accounting has me pretty worried >__< I got my management final grade back already and I didn't do as well as I wanted, so I'm a bit worried about how my semester grade will turn out especially since my project grade (which also just got released) was lowered than expected.
Curry goat
I got back from my accounting final at 8:30PM and found out that the dining hall closed at 8:00PM, so it was a debate between eating out or late night..we chose the former. I'm technically on a food ban though in efforts to save money by not eating out. The food ban ends after finals..but I kinda broke it since I still have one more on Thursday T__T

I also tried green milk tea for the first time. Not really a big fan because there's not much taste to it and all I taste is the milk. My friends and I sat around for a while in the bubble tea shop and the cashier approached me telling me that he accidentally shortchanged me by $10 D: I didn't even notice because I didn't pay attention to my change even though I usually do. Since my change was only $10.44, it might've meant that he only gave me $0.44 and I didn't even noticed the rest of it missing, wtf. But I honestly don't remember if that's what actually happened.

Anyways, I have a case study to write due at 5:00PM but I'm too exhausted to get myself working T__T I hope you're enjoying the weeks more than I am! And if you have finals too then good luck~

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  1. I hope your accounting final results come out as what you wanted it to be! And the bubble tea story is so funny haha, i probably wouldn't have even noticed either...

    Goodluck with your studies!