Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brazil: Angry Day

Day 13: August 27
Woke up a little before noon on my own again yay! In the afternoon I went out with my aunt and mom to look around and buy some things. I ended up getting a pair of boots for R$100 and it fits my calves snugly :3
But this day is kind of pissing me off. For the past few days my mom keeps insisting on buying my brother's girlfriend a pair of shoes. She already says she doesn't want any, and I know that could be courteous and all but she's been insisting no. Not to mention, she might not even like it because clothing/shoes are tricky things, you either like it or you don't. And what if it doesn't fit?

Today my mom and I have been bickering because after I paid for the boots, she said to get another pair for the girlfriend. I told her, I don't know whether she even wears that stuff and she already insisted no, so stop being so pushy about it. In the end she called me selfish and that I'm jealous that she's buying shoes for her. And that just pissed me the fuck off like a fuse being blown. Like what part of she doesn't fucken want it do you not get. And I'm offended that she turned it on me, calling me selfish and jealous. Like fuck off. You're bothering me about, so I don't understand why I have to take that shit.

Note that I typed the above paragraphs very shortly after it occurred so yes, I was super angry but have definitely calmed down since. :c

After dinner I went out to Lyon for some coffee because we wanted to find something do to.
Strawberry-chocolate pie, some sort of strawberry thing, & cappuccino
They weight the pies and cakes to get the cost :o The cappuccino was a bit on the thicker side..or maybe just because I was kinda too full from the pie. 


  1. Yikes! I can feel your anger through my laptop screen XD

    Honestly I feel the same as you; shoes are so tricky and I have never worn any shoes that has been bought for me. (unless it's Converses, Vans and such.) Your mother must really like your brothers GF lol

    1. I don't think it's she likes her (not that I'm saying it doesn't) but she thinks it's rude if we don't get her anything and believes the gf will treat my brother better if we treat her well -.-