Monday, August 26, 2013

Brazil: Ice Cream & Brazilian BBQ

Day 10: August 24
Same morning/noon of being woken up for lunch. I spent most of the afternoon indoors before going out for errands and then getting ice cream at Vanesa's Sorveteria Gourmet. I told my cousin the night before that I wanted ice cream so that was probably why. :)

Vanesa's is a self-serve ice cream parlor and you pay by weight. They have little spoons for you to grab samples too, but the downside of that is that some people reuse their sample spoons on another ice cream aka get their nasty germs on it. I saw a guy do that. T_T
I got three flavors: some sort of white chocolate (?), Strawberry, & Zambayone w/Almonds

My favorite was the white chocolate one. The strawberry was kinda weird and had an icy texture. I tried my cousin's girlfriend's strawberry yogurt one and that tasted better. :T As for the Zambayone...I think it's made with wine or something. My cousin's girlfriend said it's her favorite so I just got it but I didn't expect it to taste like that. But if it really does have alcohol...then what if kids eat it o_O it was three smallish scoops with hardened chocolate and whipped cream.. And that was almost R$9.00.

Went home for a bit before going out for dinner around 10:00PM or so. They kept urging me to change out of my shorts and tube top and I cheekily asked what kind of restaurant is it that I have to change, since they never answered after I asked why I had to several times. Even then I never got an answer. I admit I regret asking like a beat that last time, but too late now.

We went to a Brazilian BBQ place called Coxilha dos Pampas. I admit, after getting there I can see why I should've changed. It's a bit high-end so you ought to look presentable and not too casual (but not formal.) Though I'm not sure if they told me to because it'll be cold or because of this.The restaurant is quite fits a lot of people, not to mention it was pretty packed.

Turns out it was another gathering because I recognized people from the birthday celebration. So we ate dinner. Servers came around with food, where they cut you a slice if its meat or uhm shove it down the blade thing if it's uh stabbed in that way (for a lack of a better way to describe it.)

This place is supposed to be better than the one from the birthday celebration (also a BBQ place) because there's more selection of meat, but I didn't know how to ask for the food, especially if it involved choosing how cooked I wanted it, since I don't eat rare meat.
Salad/sushi bar. AREN'T THE ROSE DECORATIONS AMAZING? Arg so pretty! They had it on most dishes. My mom took better photos, but it's too much work to get them from her ^^;;
Before (stuff from the salad bar)
After (with some of the meats brought over)

Either way I didn't have much of an appetite, so I definitely didn't eat close to my money's worth. At one point I asked for fish and holy crap the server gave me such a huge piece T_T this was when I was already quite full. I didn't know how to ask for just a little, and even then I didn't expect to get such a large piece. The salmon was super yummy though, it was nice and tender mmm...

Funny experience here is that there's a large TV screen in the corner and it kept replaying these black and white scenes. It reminded me of home videos back in the day and I couldn't figure out why they were showing that. It wasn't until much later that I found out it was the surveillance video of the playroom for parents to watch over their kids as they enjoy their meal. 

Another thing was almost everyone was on their phones...and by the end of the night most people aren't anymore because it died so they just sat there LOLL and in my corner we all still had battery >:)  Survival of the fittest.

Anyways, that was about it. I think we left around midnight or so...and just retired for the night. 

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