Friday, August 23, 2013

Brazil: I Scream for Ice Cream

Day 7: August 21
It seems like I only get woken up nowadays to eat lunch. Originally the plan was to go out to eat, but lunch was already made, so we didn't go out. Played a few games of LoL before going out for a drive to look at some places. Along the way I finally passed level 147 in Candy Crush!!! I've been stuck on this level since before finals.

After we came back, we were trying to look for socks because my dad's an idiot and only packed like 3 pairs, bar soap, and a trash bin because I think I broke it :'( I ended up getting some snacks, mostly instant noodles lol.

Justin at the supermarket
Came back and it was time to eat..and I got tired so I took a ~20 minute nap. I woke up to go eat ice cream at a place called Ice by Nice at Fiusa. It's right next to a MousseCake. Since it was nighttime (~10:00PM) I couldn't get a clearer shot of the place.
 Mousse de Morango
 Morango, Chocolate, & Cia
It was R$16.50-$17.00 not too expensive not too cheap. I ordered the Mousse de Morango. Lots of whipped cream though and the strawberries weren't that sweat. There was also something else in it, but no idea what... it reminded me of Greek yogurt but not mixed that well.
On my way back to the car, I saw these cotton looking things all over the ground. Any idea what it is? O_O It's not actual cotton though, I think it fell from the trees or something maybe?

Doesn't it look a bit like snow from afar?

Came back home and that was it for the night.

Anyways, until next time! :)

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