Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brazil: A Dozen Pair of Shoes...Literally

Day 12: August 26
The trip is almost coming to an end!! I woke up by myself today around 11:30AM. When it was time to eat lunch, everyone was surprised that I was awake and on time for once lool. 

In the afternoon I went shopping with my aunt and mom. We were mainly looking at shoes because my mom likes the pair that my aunt has :c So we went and we got a lot since my mom was helping friends/coworkers get them too, but my aunt didn't have her ID so she couldn't sign up for the store card for the discount. :c So we left it to get later.
Wanted fries but my aunt ordered me a McFlurry lol
LOLOLOL Told you it was a lot -_-;;;;
These are my picks :c The wedges in the middle were a tad expensive...but why not. 
After dinner, my cousin and I went back to get the shoes and and sign up for the card and the process took forever.. like over an hour -_-;;;;

We finally got it and when we got back it was time for pizza :X They ordered four boxes, I think.. so much D: Two of them had like cream cheese which I didn't really like. 

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