Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brazil: Food & Pacific Rim

Day 11: August 26
Last night I slept in the living room because my cousin's nose was stuffed from being sick so she was snoring really loudly, and I couldn't fall asleep. Some time after she left for work, I went back into the room to sleep for a bit before getting up around 10:40AM to go bike riding. But it turns out that nobody woke up in time for it >;o so we didn't get to do it. So the cycle has been broken (for now) where I woke up early(ish) for once!! 

I ate half of some sort of sandwich for breakfast and hung around until it was time to go eat. We went to Ribeirao Shopping to go eat at Outback Steakhouse, and we waited for maybe an hour because there was a long wait. We waited and browsed around for a bit, but in the end we chose to just leave it and go somewhere else, since estimated wait time was two hours. 
We went to somewhere else in the mall called The Fifties, which was like a burger joint. They also had hot dogs, salads, wraps, etc. We all opted for a burger and I got myself a 150g Pic Americano. This one was the smaller one and I couldn’t finish it.. imagine if I had gotten the 250g one.. :T I did finish most of the burger itself, and half of it was like the bun. It was yummy though because the burger was kinda different than most places in America. Imagine..less ground meat sorta. I also liked how it was overflowing with cheddar cheese. 

We all parted after eating and I went home to take a nap. I woke up a few times because it was so hot!! I had to get up eventually because it was time for dinner. After dinner I played around with this baby, but he cried when I held him :’( Whenever I see him, he’s ALWAYS sleeping..and when he’s awake he never cries.. but when I held him. T_T;;;;
Not long afterwards, we went out to the movies. We watched Pacific Rim in 3D. It was in English lol with Portuguese subtitles. Originally we were supposed to watch it in New York at night, but nobody was really interested so we didn’t. Overall, I thought it was a good movie. In a way, I guess the ending was like Iron Man 3 o_O 

Got back around 12:45AM, and I went to bed not long after taking a shower. Slept early for once. 

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