Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brazil: The First Few Days

My long awaited trip to Brazil is finally here :)! It's my first time in Brazil and in South America for that matter. I took off on the 14th around 2:30PM and was scheduled to arrive around 4:30AM.

Day 1: August 15
After getting to the airport, I had to transfer to another domestic flight to get to Ribeirão Preto. It was only like an hour flight. When I got there, I went out for an errand and when I got back I was super tired so I took a nap and KO'd for prob 5-7 hours only to be woken up for dinner. 

After dinner I went to a place called MousseCake and had some small eats. Not sure what any of it was called though. One dish was like crostini and it came with a side of tomatoes and melted cheese to top it with. Another was just mini cheeseburgers. Had passionfruit tea and Swedish lemonade (lemonade, condensed milk, and Sprite). No pics because I didn't want to be a weirdo :(
There's a soda called Guaraná Antarctica that I've been drinking. According to wiki, it's the 2nd most popular drink here, behind Coca Cola.It's made of a plant called guaraná...never even heard of it before. It reminds me of cream soda. 

Day 2: August 16
Got woken up around noon for lunch. After eating, I went out to browse about here and there. Came across a beauty store soo the first thing I thought of was nail polish lawl. So I went to check that out and omg there's so many *_* I didn't really have that much money because I only got some pocket money from my aunt and I never had the chance to exchange my money for the Brazilian real so.. I was limited to what I can get.
Then I just walked around more and ended up seeing the same two beauty stores, Cibele Perfumaria & Ramavi Cosméticos, at basically every corner lmao. After that I went home and took a shower and went out for another errand.

I ended up going to this beauty parlor to get a manicure and pedicure done professionally for the first time. I don't remember what the color of my nails was called. It was something aqua, a frosty teal color. I don't even remember the brand :\ The color I chose is Claudia Leitte's Abra Aqui. But uh I dunno how I feel about it because uh for the base coat the lady basically slapped it on and used her finger to smudge it even. Then she applied the nail polish and for top coat she slapped it on again.. like not even on the whole nail, like a swipe down.
As for the pedicure, I couldn't really see it since something was covering my vision lol. I chose Risque Poodle from their Dog collection(?) and two of my toes bled :( I'LL SPARE YOU THE PIC OF MY NASTY TOES.

Overall I liked the result, but tbh I have no idea if it was sanitary or not because it seemed like they reuse the tools without sanitizing. Like she just capped the cuticle nipper after using it ._. And I'm sure she put away all the other tools right after too. I just hope nothing gets infected or anything ._.;;;

Came back for dinner and then headed out again to the supermarket o_O I bought a couple of snacks and had some hot chocolate :D
They have Haagen Dazs and Strawberry Cheesecake sounds so so good but not paying R$22,90 for that T_T;;; Even the tiny carton is R$7,99.

That was about it for the night. I'll probably post often because I want to document the trip. The one thing I dislike about the trip is that I don't know any Portuguese so I'm pretty useless here. Like I feel so bad when people try to talk to me but I have no idea what they're saying or how to respond T_T;; I guess this is how immigrants feel when they go to a country with an unfamiliar language, except they have to stay there. When I was younger, every time I was at family gatherings or around some of my cousins I always wished to learn Portuguese but obviously, I didn't have that opportunity to lol.

Anyways, until next time. 

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