Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brazil: Nail Polish Haul

Day 5: August 19
Slept in today until around 1:00PM and got woken up to eat lunch. On my way to to lunch, I fell up the stairs and bruised/scraped my knees :( When I was done eating, I went out to browse around a bit and tried to look for the Hits Speciallita no Olimpo collection, but nothing :( I saw some holos the other day and hoped they were these, but they were from another collection. Soo I went overboard and bought a bunch of nail polish again. :X I picked up a few at first then got tempted so.. bleh. My Discover card works, which is what I used for this purchase. Kind of regretted it since I did have just enough cash, but I was tempted to use my card so I did. Rofl.

When I came back, I went out again but with my mom. We went to buy more nail polish LMAOO. I told her to get it as souvenirs for her co-workers and while I was there I was browsing again, so I did more damage, sigh. 
Damage so far.. I guess it doesn't look like much ;c

Our next stop was looking for a photo frame for my mom. She wanted to get one because she brought over a picture and wanted to get a frame for it...so we did. We looked around and I was able to grab some souvenirs for friends too.

Not long after getting back, it was time for dinner. Ahh it was like a feast! Not to mention I had to drink soup first and it was super hot, so it was awful trying to finish it so I could dig in :(

When I got back to the house, I basically just spent some time to talk to my cousin and briefly with my mother and now I'm here ! ;o

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  1. Oh wow! That's a lot of polishes, so many choices for manicures!