Monday, August 19, 2013

Brazil: Around the City & Birthday Celebration

Day 3: August 17
Woke up at like 7:00AM today for some odd reason.. even more strange considering I was super tired last night and still went to bed at around 3:30AM.

I don't remember if I ever mentioned this but it gets pretty cold here in the morning/nighttime, like right now it's 55°F and I was told it was getting hot I only brought clothes appropriate for the summer. I have a pair of jeans and a few thin long-sleeves but that's about it. It got hot during the day yesterday though, so I went to change, but when nightfall came, it got cold again so I had to change back.

Also forgot to mention this, but I'm staying with relatives here and their place is pretty nice. It's very clean, I guess and the furniture throughout the house matches O_O It's like a glossy, dark wood. The only downside is that only one side of the house can get wifi and I'm limited to only two locations of charging my laptop because of the socket. So I can either charge by the TV, where I can't get wifi, or in the computer room but my cousin needs to sleep, so.
 Condos built in the last 10 years..with more being built.
So I went around town with my cousin, and we were basically around a neighborhood called Fuisa. I was getting really tired and fell asleep in the car at some point :( My cousin dropped by a friend's house and they were chatting for at least an hour, so it was getting boring zzz. I got three bug bites while waiting for him, too. ;~;

After getting back, I took a nap only to be woken up to go out to a steakhouse for dinner. I don't remember what it was called, but it was yummy. Maybe like a 7/10. When I got back, I was locked out so I chatted with a cousin until people got home.

Day 4: August 18
Got woken up around 12:30PM to go to Pinquim Restaurante for a Chinese lunch buffet. I think it costs R$16,50/person. There wasn't much of a selection and the food was okay. Nothing bad, but don't expect anything good.

Dropped by Shopping Santa Úrsula afterwards to help my cousin's girlfriend look for a birthday gift. 
I saw a stand called Missmalta which had a bunch of nail polish, so naturally I went to take a look. The prices were about the same as everywhere else, some more expensive. I saw these Hello Kitty ones and had to have one -_- It was like R$9,90 each, I think, so I only chose one.

I felt bad that my cousin's girlfriend paid for it though. I wanted to pay for it myself, but couldn't really speak up, as simple as that sounds. Mainly because she took it from me and was paying for another one as well and I couldn't offer to pay because I didn't want to seem selfish for paying for just mine because I didn't have enough money for both and the other one was a spontaneous gift for another cousin, so I didn't feel like it was appropriate for me to pay for it. But I guess since she's my cousin, it should be appropriate lol. I dunno, I feel like I'm just making up excuses for not speaking up. -_-

I went out for dinner at Estância Churrascaria for a birthday celebration. Lots and lots of people gathered for the event. A room was reserved on one side of the restaurant.
It was buffet style. I'm assuming it normally is too..or else they wouldn't have that counter there o_O
Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the food. This was about all I ate, plus a few pieces of other things that the servers came to serve us. Now that I think about it, there were coasters that says "Sim, por favor" and "Não, obrigado" so I guess that's what you were supposed to say to them depending if you wanted it or not -_-
For the sashimi jealous !! I started eating raw sushi this year, and more recently, but I still don't think I can handle it yet. In small chunks, I can, but it was really nasty eating a piece. I grabbed two, so I didn't want to waste it either. 

Overall, the night was kind of awful, mainly because of the language barrier. Naturally, everyone spoke Portuguese, so I couldn't really socialize. I just minded my own business and it was a damn long night too. We were there for like 2-3 hours. And in one of the group photos, I was posed so awkwardly, with my hands on my thighs, gah. It felt normal, but when I saw the photo, it was like..fml. 

Finally it was time to go, so yay! And now I'm here.. Eleven more days ;0 I hope it'll be fun. 

Anyways, until next time!

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