Monday, August 19, 2013

Annual New York Trip #3

Last month I went to New York with a bunch of friends to continue on the tradition of going to New York every year. Post about it last year [here].

Day 1: July 28
We headed out early in the morning, I think around 7:00AM after grabbing some congee for breakfast. I didn't sleep that night, so I knocked out the entire car ride. After arriving and dropping off our stuff, we went out to eat at Cha Chan Tang (茶餐廳).
Cola wings..kinda tastes like soy sauce wings to me, but I think it's made with actual coca cola.
Curry chicken..once again I couldn't finish it :(

We roamed around Chinatown and went to Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center, an arcade, briefly afterwards. Then we went to Times Square like tourists would. I got some earrings and rings from Forever21 :0 No pics, but they're cute :) 
This girl showed me a nail art kit (forgot what it was called) at Toys "R" Us and I thought the design on my ring ringer is so nice ;0 I took this pic a few days later, which is why my index finger has tip wears. The kit was like.. $25 though so nty. It's like one side is a normal applicator, like a brush, and the other is a fine pointed pen. The pen works while applied polish is still wet.
Made our way to the Rockefeller Center for some reason and some of us parted. We were getting hungry so we tried to find a place to eat. There were several complications, such as Google Maps being shitty and bringing us to the wrong place. I entered a place by name and it took me to another place T_T;; I should've known when the name showed up differently, but I was being dumb and gave it the benefit of doubt of having its name changed. -_-
Settled for the 53rd & 6th Halal Cart. I read the reviews to go to the longer line one, but I expected them to be right next to each other, but I only saw one so we went to that one and the line was suspiciously short, but I thought we were just lucky or something. 

When we crossed the street to look for the fountain to sit at, we saw the other cart with its super long line. -_- Ffs. It was $6 and yummyy. I wonder what the longer line cart would've tasted like :(
Rooftop view from the place I was staying at.

Day 2: July 29
Stayed up most of the night streaming Friends online. a result I slept in quite a bit, until almost noon. I probably shouldn't have so we'd have more time to do other things, but I was tired :'(

Went out to Chinatown again for jerky, but they ran out of spicy ones :'( So we got some sweet jerky and the guy said there'd be more in two hours. 
In the meantime, we grabbed brunch at Public. The portions were fairly small, but filling enough. Decided to try something new so I got their "Fry-up" which has poached eggs. It was so-so. I think the food wasn't really my style so I'd have to give it a 6/10. Nothing wrong with it, just not worth the $13.

We went back to the jerky place after an hour and forty-five minutes. The guy said thirty more minutes, I think, and turns out the spicy one was all reserved for later too, so we just left. A couple of friends, who decided to tour around separately, came after a while and they told them longer too. -_- What the hell.

Our destination for the day: Brooklyn Height Promenade to look at the Manhattan Skyline View

We got off at Borough Hall and walked there..but Google Maps lead me to the wrong place again dammit. So after entering the right place, it took another 15 minutes or so to walk there..but it felt like half an hour T_T;; I think in the end we walked a huge circle to get here. 
 I think the actual Promenade closed down or something, so we were at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The weather was like perfect. Kind of cloudy because it was supposed to rain, but the breeze was super nice. We relaxed for about half an hour or so before heading back so we wouldn't be late to leave.

We left around 5:00 and headed home. So that concludes the trip. Until next time!


  1. You go to New York annually?! How lucky! I've wanted to go to the US for the longest time haha

    It sucks that you didn't end up getting any jerky- I would have been annoyed if I didn't get any as well, especially after waiting so long :(
    The view from where you were staying looks gorgeous though!

    1. Haha yeah it's a relatively short bus ride, like 4-5 hours. I want to visit Australia, but flight tickets are so expensive :(

      I did get jerky, just not the spicy ones! Luckily they still had enough for us :D