Friday, August 23, 2013

Brazil: Dessert Overload

Day 8: August 22
The past few posts have all started the same..and this one isn't any different either. I woke up yet again at noon to eat. My plan for the day was to hang out with my cousin's girlfriend, so I killed some time before it was our set time..and I ended up falling asleep. I think she got here at 4:20PM or so..because that's when she texted me, but I didn't wake up until 4:45PM because that's when the calls from my aunt woke me up T_T;; She was with her grandmother too, who had to wait as well T____T;;;;

Our first stop was dropping off her grandmother home..then going out for candy.
We went to a place called Desejo & Sabor, which is a popular place for wedding favors. On one side of the boutique are the displays of chocolate for customers and the other side of the wall is like a display of some of their stuff, which was super duper cute.
Bombom de Morango: It's a chocolate covered strawberry. Yummy, but wasn't particularly memorable.
Brigadeiro de Nutella: I was expecting it to be yummy because of the Nutella, but it tasted nothing like Nutella..and it was kinda bad tbh. The flavor just wasn't my thing.
Casadinho: Probably my favorite of all of these. It's half milk chocolate and half white chocolate..and has a very soft texture, not like a truffle. Soft where's it's mushy but not so much where it'll get messy when you hold it. 
Bombom de Uva: Chocolate covered grape. I didn't get to eat it but my mom did and she said it was good.
Also got macarons as well because...I like getting macarons. Pretty fluffy..only got to eat the orange one.

The two of us couldn't finish everything T_T I took the grape one home and we each only got to eat one macaron before we decided it was too much.

Next stop..Ribeirão Shopping!
It's a super big mall, much larger than Shopping Santa Úrsula and it's very clean inside with a zillion different stores. There's even an arcade, but we didn't play there. We just browsed around and didn't buy anything. Parking costs R$ it's one of those malls that charge for that >:|

Not long after getting home, it was time for dinner and I was able to eat a lot already T_T;; And not long after that we went out for açaí. I think originally we were going to get it yesterday, but somehow ended up getting ice cream.

We went to Porto Açaí
I've never eaten açaí before, but I'm sure I've tasted the flavor before. I was a bit hesitant when it came out..because it was like an almost black blob. After trying it, I still couldn't decide what I thought of it. It's like.. an icier texture of smoothie and the taste was very distinct. I have no idea if I like it or not either.. because I don't think I like it, but I don't mind it. 
Mole Crepe..yummy! The crepe was a bit on the harder side but not too dry. I think the inside was mostly caramel of some sort? It was warm and didn't harden like caramel though. I couldn't tell what was inside exactly, but I knew caramel was in it, and it was a familiar taste, but I wouldn't say of just caramel... 

Also got a sandwich, and it was mainly chicken and cheese inside, but so good! I also tried a cashew weird as it sounds, it was good and it reminds me of a milder version of passion fruit. Not sure if it really does, but that's what I was reminded of lol. The sad thing of all is, I think I could still eat after everything T_T

Got back home around midnight. Played a few games, showered, and blogged. 

I'm up to date with my trip now, so until next time!


  1. The chocolates look amazing! What is the layer between the strawberry and the chocolate coating? White chocolate?